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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finding Strength and Balance - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been off the computer most of the week. It's a busy time of the year. I did manage to take some iPhone photos to complete the Scavenger Hunt. They tell a story of my life and my week.

Thanks to Ashley Sisk who hosts the meme.


 I've been wearing glasses since first grade. They've become an important part of who I am. I like funky glasses. This week I visited my favorite glasses gals at SEE eyewear. I'm thinking maybe a round shape would be a fun change. My problem is it's hard to envision what they'd look like on my face, since I don't see very well without my prescription lenses. I think horn-rimmed might make me look very wise...


I took this photo while walking to dinner with my husband in Cherry Creek, Denver. The acrobats look physically fit, but balance seems to be the key to their strength.

I believe strength is relative and hinges on balance. Beside the physical, there are also emotional and mental strengths. There is strength of character. At times when I feel most strong, I know I have achieved balance in the diverse aspects of my life. 


When I was a little girl, I loved to play with my Mom's button bag. It was a cloth bag covered with embroidered  leaves and stems, topped with fanciful button flowers. It was filled with hundreds of different buttons in varied sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. I remembered the bag when I told my granddaughter that I needed to photograph buttons. She brought me her Mommy's button jar, and we poured them onto the coffee table to admired the multitude of shapes and colors. 

I'm reminded that the memories we hold most dear may be as simple as buttons.


I often say that I live on the fringe of a vast wilderness. Here is a map that proves it. The red pin is my house, and the rugged mountainous terrain all around it is my playground. The photo is of a 3-D electronic map taken off the iPad, showing Breckenridge and the surrounding National Forest.


The Satsuma tangerine has arrived at my local market. I like seeing them piled in a pretty bowl on my kitchen table.  However, I like them even better as a treat.

My Cardiologist appointment is on Monday. I'm always a little nervous for this annual physical. 
I hope to be strong and in balance.


  1. I hope you will take a picture of the glasses you decided to wear. I have been wearing contact lenses for years but now that I am retired I don’t wear them so I have to buy glasses for driving – soon. I hope your doctor’s visit will turn out fine. The doctor told my husband that he took all the malignant tumors now we have to make sure the follow-up treatment works.
    I like your button picture. When I go to the Antique Flea Market in Atlanta I always look at their old buttons and have bought some neat ones.

  2. I love the oranges too. That is one cool map Barb. There's a large body of water there I may have to look that up to see what it is. As for those glasses, I think whatever you choose you will be beautiful so go for it. Please don't worry about that appointment, because gal you're gonna ace it. Have a great rest of the weekend. Carol

  3. You are strong and in balance.

    Glasses for me since 2nd grade and I'm going in Monday for eye exam and new glasses. Maybe I should get brave about the frames.

    I have my Auntie's button can and cry every time I open it with joyful memories.

    I love the way you weave a story in words and pictures.

  4. I love your scavenger hunt posts! They are always so eclectic and give such a great snapshot of you and your personality. I love round glasses on other people, but I think I would hate them on me. I generally lean towards wearing horn rimmed glasses. I've always loved them.

    I'll be thinking of you as you head to the cardiologist on Monday. I see balance and strength in so much of what you do, I can't imagine that your cardiologist won't also see that you live a lifestyle that requires both. I hope this means excellent reports.

  5. my sense is that you will have a good visit Monday. I will think of you.

    lovely to get to know you a bit more through this posts.... i think there are many of us who have marveled at jars full of buttons!

    I just bought some tangerines too, looking forward to breakfast! Lovely Sunday to you.

  6. I like rounds too and miss my favourite John Lennon sunnies. I suspect they got tossed at one of my clean ups *sigh* Love the buttons shot. You really are in the wilderness! Good luck with your appointment. Don't stress! It won't be good for your heart ;)

  7. Good luck with your medical appointment. I have been to your wilderness and it is indeed vast and beautful and I hope I can go again someday.

  8. Oh, gee. Mom's button box. It was a cookie tin. The buttons in there would occupy me for long periods of time. And leave my fingers very dirty. I guess Mom didn't wash the buttons before they went into the box.
    I admire your thoughts on balance.

  9. Beautiful pictures once again, and very thoughtful narrative. My mother had a button jar that I loved to play with. I wish I knew what happened to it. I will look forward to hearing about very positive results from your physical.

  10. Oh, I remember playing with my moms buttons too ... she kept hers in a little metal tin :) What wonderful memories you have brought back for me!
    Prayers and positive vibes being sent your way - I'm SURE your cardio appt will go well!

  11. Love those glasses - looking at the world through rose colored glasses would be fun!
    I have a button jar too - my mom had a big tin of them...what a wonderful tradition!

  12. I used Satsumas in my favorite fruit image, too! How odd is that?

  13. Barb - first and foremost, I hope your doctor visit is with flying colors of good health. Very nice set of pictures for this week's hunt. I am intrigued by all the glasses - round doesn't work for me, but I do like them.

  14. I love your "vision" Very cool glasses.
    And "strong" an is awesome statue.

  15. dear Barb, I am sending you a huge tulip-powered portion of good luck for your doctor visit! ...about the buttons: my grandma still has this very old chocolates box where during the last 30-40 years a huge collection of buttons (all size and colours) was created; I loved when I was little to take the box and look at them:-) I was so fascinated just to see and touch them...big+warm hug! you deifintely live into the wild, but this has so much positive influence and should be great for your health too!

  16. Your vision shot is very cool. Love all the funky glasses lined up!
    The tangerines look yummy too.

  17. I like your finds for this week, they kindled some remembrances of my own. Those Satsumas reminded me that I didn't pick myself a Clementine today. Perhaps I'll go out and do it now. Placer County is prime citrus growing country, I'm very fortunate.

  18. I always love your scavenger hunt posts! The photos are always great (like all of yours) but mostly they tell me more about you and that's what I love the most! Happy day!

  19. Very enjoyable set. I really loved the shot for Strong and your Favorite fruit.
    Also interesting to see where you live on the Map - Certainly in the wilderness.

  20. Hi, Barb! This time I was glued to the photo of your favorite fruit. Satsuma tangerine is Japanese tangerine and it looks like what we call “deko-pon” because it has “deko”, a bulging forehead. However, dekopon is not a special product of Satsuma (old name for Kagoshima Pref.) but of Shiranui (old name of Kumamoto Pref.). I wonder if Satsuma is used in stead of “Japanese”? Anyway, it’s a delicious fruit. Keep your good balance of health and keep off cold virus by eating tangerines full of vitamin C. Wish you a good result of health check.


  21. I love this.
    You do live in the wilderness, just don't be feeding the bears okay?

  22. I love seeing how other Scavenger Hunt players approach the prompts. Those tangerines look so good that I think I need to go into my kitchen and fetch one. Hope your doctor's appointment went well.

  23. Oh I remember playing with the buttons in my mom's box- I still try and save all the buttons I come across even though I don't sew much anymore.

  24. I am hoping and assuming your appointment went well. Your words about balance are my favorite part of this beautiful post! (Well and also I love that the button bag (idea) has been handed down through the generation.

  25. What wonderful captures you did for your Scavenger Hunt.

  26. Barb, I hope your cardiologist appointment went smoothly, please, yes. I've been wearing glasses since 2nd grade. Do you remember what it was like when you could first see? Such an amazing moment. I remember being able to see leaves for the first time. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  27. Wishing you strength, grace and balance!

    A lovely post.

  28. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday Barb.

  29. Barb,
    Beautiful series of photos! I used to enjoy dressmaking. So it was a lot of fun to see buttons and buy them in shops. When I saw wonderful buttons, it was so hard to resist them. They were magnets to me. Now I have had many buttons which I did not use in my sewing box. Your button photo brought me many old sweet memories.
    I am sure everything will be all right soon.
    Have a great week.

  30. Lots of food for thought here..Love the tangerine photo. Funny thing how a new pair of glasses can change how we see ourselves!

  31. Barb I do so hope your appointment went well - flying colours actually.
    Love all the buttons, I still have a couple of large jars of my grandmothers.
    And do go for the horn-rimmed - the trendiest choice this season I hear!
    All good wishes.

  32. I hope the appointment went well, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    We have a couple of ski runs open from the man-made stuff, too many people crowded into such a small space. We leave Wednesday for San Diego for Garrett's graduation from Marine Corps boot camp!

  33. Hi Barb!
    i enjoyed your collection of photos and personal thoughts and moments of the week. I love the collections of eyeglasses and buttons!
    Chris' grandmother gave me her collection of buttons and they have "saved the day" more than once. From simple shirt repair to pretty add-ons to plain shoes, her buttons have, at times, been the perfect touch.
    I hope your yearly check up goes well; I'm sure it will!
    Blessings always,
    - Maria

  34. Fabulous pics! Hope your appointment went well.

  35. I always enjoy your thought-provoking posts, Barb. Hope your appointment went well, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  36. Just wanted to check in -- I hope your appointment went well. I've been thinking about you.

  37. as always, fun to see your photos and to ponder the words you add. i remember grandma's button jar too- so many treasures! hope that you & your family had a wonderful holiday!

  38. Yes, please take a pic for us. Yes we must be strong and balanced in more than one way. :-)


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