LIfe at High Altitude in Colorado

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Looking Back - Why Blog?

I started blogging in November of 2008.
At first, I kept the blog private, visible only to family and a select group of friends. 
My posts were like stones thrown into a deep well:
they sank from view with barely a ripple.

first photo I ever posted - footstep on the trail - from Nov 2008

I began reading other blogs.
I found a few I really enjoyed.
However, it took me awhile to get up the nerve to comment.
Finally, I decided to throw caution to the wind.
I opened my own posts to the public.

Waldo, my Tree Nymph, winter 2009

Today, I feel I "know" people from all over the world.
I count them as friends.
I communicate with them both on their blogs and by E-mail.
Some, I've met face to face.
Others, I wish I could meet.
I miss those who decide to stop blogging.

Angelica, the garden angel, and Lucinda B. Rabbit, summer 2010

Blogging is like having lots of pen pals but has instant gratification.
It's hard to explain the blogger connection to people who don't blog.
I think of my family and my "real" friends daily,
I also send positive thoughts to those I know only through the internet.

traveling with my husband, Cape Kiwanda, OR, spring 2011

I know it seems odd, the connections we bloggers make.
You hear horror stories about social media:
how the internet becomes a tool for the unscrupulous. 
I review comments before publishing.
However, I get very little spam.
I made a rule early-on not to publish comments containing links.
That seems to work for me.

family ski day, winter 2012

I have a quirky group of blog pals.
They encompass different ages, include both sexes, have varying interests, and live divergent lifestyles. I usually decide to follow a blog if I enjoy the writing, admire the  photography, or just get a feeling that I "like" the person and/or could learn from her/him. I never follow publicly - I do so only by adding the url's of blogs I want to read to my dashboard. I don't use the followers gadget on my own blog, and this sometimes confuses people who would like to follow me. I suggest they do so by using the "add" feature on their dashboard and pasting in my url.

in the desert with girlfriends, spring 2013

I wonder about other bloggers.
How do you choose which blogs to follow?
What are your favorite topics for your own blog?
Is your blog controversial, opinionated, or confrontational?
Do you ever wonder if it's weird to share your thoughts and ideas
with people you don't really know?
What makes you keep blogging?
(Unfortunately, I know many who have quit.)

from my house to yours - wishing you well
sunset, Tenmile Range, winter 2014

I hope you keep posting!
If you're reading this, you may already be one of my blog friends.
You're important to me.

These photos show some moments in my blogging life from 2008 to present
featuring my favorite (non-controversial) blog topics:
nature, family, friendship, travel, photography, and my environment
(all post-edited in Snapseed, Waterlogue, and Titlefx)

Thank you for visiting and commenting!


Margie said...

I hope to meet you, Barb.
After all, you live 'just around the corner'
I started blogging in 2006 and still at it.
Many people that I love are no longer blogging and that makes me sad.
I love your blogs as they always make me smile.

Loves all of these shots, wonderful


Deanna said...

Well, I consider you one of my blogging buddies/friends and it is hard to explain that connection we get when we land on a blogger that we like for one reason or another. Whether it is the style, the photography, the all varies. But I tend to follow those that photograph well and write well and are "friendly". I love the connection that we bloggers have, we feel for each other, we care for one another, we miss them when they aren't around. Keep blogging, my friend.

grandparentsplus2 said...

Tough question because I think you sometimes start blogging for a particular reason and then it grows because your interests grow after reading other blogs and getting to know some of your blogging friends. I've learned so many things about gardening, quilting, crafting and life in general it's amazing. I like your philosophy about not signing up for blogs but following them - never encountered it before but I like it. :-)

Jeanie said...

I loved seeing some of your blog "history" here. I started blogging as a way to record family activities and events for myself but I have really enjoyed the serendipity of the wonderful blog friends I have made. I also really miss some bloggers that no longer post. I've said this before, but I used to write a weekly newspaper column and blogging feels a lot like that....without the paycheck or large readership. Your posts are always a treat to read.

Cathy H. said...

My blog began while taking a scrapbook writing class. The instructor recommended that we start a blog and just write. I did and I'm still writing. I like to follow blogs with good writing, photography, interesting information, and blogs that seem happy and joyful. I shy away from controversial or emotional blogs. I do love to visit your beautiful blog! Your photography and words always draw me in!

Arija said...

Funny how addictive blogging can become, especially when one is going through a tough patch in life. I'n about to post my 1,000th post today. I certainly did not think I's ever be doing that when my daughter made me take my first baby steps.
I have loved following your blog, I love the place and solitude that is possible in the place where you live and both your heart and mine are attached to those physically challenged. Thanks friend and keep blogging!

Cynthia said...

I started blogging less than a year ago, as soon as I retired. Many of my friends were still working and I was looking for new connections. I like to read blogs of people in different parts of the world to get a sense of what it's like to live somewhere else. I like to be inspired by people who are active and doing things and going places, who give me insights and ideas to contemplate.
I like your questions and am enjoying reading others' responses.

ladyfi said...

I love that last image! I have been blogging for ages too - sometimes I feel like stopping, but mostly it's such fun that I can't!

Lisa said...

Barb I have been blogging for about six years and meet online only friends but for two.. in person. They both mean the world to me. I feel my home is my blog and I always always return to my blog.. I love my blog and friends here. You my dear were one of my first here on Blogger. I was over on MSN spaces and was featured on MSN from page news a few times. Boy that was hard and that was the day. Anyways that closed down and we all or some moved here to keep on going. Some left . My heart broke . Glad I found you when I did. I too when I started way back when did not know what to do .. Happy Spring my friend.

Sandra said...

Why do we all blog? Interesting question! I liked reading your own reasons and seeing many of your photos from different blog entries since you've been here. I agree with much of what you say here. I love the contacts I have made through blogging. I have made wonderful e-friends from all over the world. I am attracted to beautiful photography, heartfelt words and the sincerity which shines through when people write. I enjoy visiting blogs that are uplifting and positive and even funny, though I can be put off by too many words! The blogs I like to visit regularly usually contain the kind of pure photography that shows things as they are in their own natural beauty, I also love blogs on crochet as it's one of my passions and I have favourite cooking blogs. I like to read people who go within themselves and are seekers of the real meaning of life.
I started a blog simply because someone else suggested it to me as somewhere to put my pictures and see how my photography evolved. Since then, it has become so much more than that. I really enjoy coming in here to visit you, Barb! My favourite photo above is the natural one of the family ski day!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Barb, you dear girl - you have penned so eloquently what I have been thinking of late about blogging. I wholeheartedly agree with much of what you said. I need more nights to sleep on some of the questions though.
And, I am so very, very pleased that you did decide to go public - I adore and drool over your photos, I have become fond of your lovely and charming family and lastly I just like you, and for a myriad of reasons that make you, you. :)

Tabor said...

I was at your evolutionary blogging stage a few years ago. Thinking about blogging relationships and why I blog. I try to avoid controversy, but that is a cowards way for me, so it sometimes creeps in. Disagreements lead to discussions and to resolutions sometimes. We just need to remain polite and open-minded. I also do not allow links in comments and have little spam.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I first started blogging about 1 1/2 years ago on a whim. HOMESPUN. I knew nothing, lol..not about link parties or anything...but the first parties or groups that I found all centered around grandparenting and that along with gardening and outdoor photos was what I focused on at Homespun. I started Frugal Little Bungalow last August on another whim, thinking that down the line it would free me up to perhaps be more casual at HS and leave that for mostly grand kids / family posts.

I don't follow anyone / I just visit at parties or return visits when someone comments and I bookmark blogs to visit. I don't play the follow me and I will follow you game. While I have pinterest boards I don't keep up with them, nor any other social media save for personal FB ( where do people find the time to do all of that! : ) and I do not join those Giveaways thrown by myriad bloggers saying to go "LIKE" them and "Follow" them on FB etc.

I guess that I made a decision to keep up with blogging as best as I could, and the social responsibilities that go with that, and making friends through the blog, but that's Twittering and Instagraming and Pinteresting and on and on....I'd lose my mind :)

Arkansas Patti said...

I blog and follow for many of the same reasons as you do. I also remember the first time I tentatively left my first comment and how delighted I was that that person returned the favor. Instant gratification is wonderful.
Your marvelous photography was the draw, your writing the lucky find.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Blogging has certainly been a big part of my mornings for a few years now and although I contemplate the usefulness at times, I can't seem to let it go. I would miss the connections I've made -- with sweet, smart, talented people like you, my friend. xo

Carol Mattingly said...

I value my friends that are my blogging folks I follow. I check their blogs every day. This post touched my heart. At times I speak to people, family and coworkers, about my friend Barb in Colorado and how she skis all the slopes and hikes in the high altitude and posts gorgeous images. It is truly an honor to know you, Barb. You are a true friend to me. I actually remember these trips you took from of the images you shared today. Gorgeous all. Carol

TexWisGirl said...

i am glad to have you as one of my neighbors in blogland. your warm heart and love of nature is what made me 'follow' you. :)

i've been blogging for 4 years, the first 6 mos. i had only a few friends and family looking in. then one blogger discovered by blog, followed me, i went to his site and found other wildlife blogs i loved and it opened a whole world to me. i truly care about so many wonderful souls that share pieces of our lives across the world. i tend to avoid religion, politics, current events - we get enough of that from the news, internet, etc. i don't feel the need to add my opinion on the web. i just blog to share the beauty and blessings i get to see all around me and share a goofy occurrence now and then. and it fills my heart to have others respond to it as i do their shares. :)


I love how you described us bloggers and your friends and neighbors from around the world!!!
And I love Angelica the garden angel!!

Oh, and I DO have a Kindle...but still I'd prefer a book in hand...the fragrance of a book and its pages is still something I'd rather have. I use Kindle to get books that are huge/massive and always such fine print in published form that I can expand the text to make it more readable. But only then.

Happy day to you my Colorado friend and neighbor!!

Nancy J said...

Barb, your words, photos, and all else reach out to us far away. I started my blog,when I began the project " Bags for Japan from New Zealand" in early 2011. My first posts were rather "bland", sometimes not a single comment, but gradually I spread out to include quilting, gardens, NZ scenery, family and camping, and with a new camera have found this to be indeed a lifeline. I call so many my friend, and in my wildest dreams those 3 years ago would never have imagined that ,in your words, "international family" that I know, care so much for, share with and for, and have received love, comfort. help, emails, and some phone calls. Often I follow another blog after reading a comment. hop over, and find the new blog is one I enjoy so much. My interests have increased to include many that were not important or even a smidgen of my life earlier, and when a blogger drops off, I wonder why, are they ill, too busy, or have they lost interest. Blogging takes time, careful thought, photo editing, and has enhanced my life beyond normal happiness to an extent that others cannot believe. I read the comments above, and know how true they are, personal to each of us, May you have a wonderful day up there in Breckenridge, fondest greetings, Jean.

Gail Dixon said...

Great post! I've always thought of blogging like we're all Pen Pals, too. I follow blogs that have interests I enjoy such as photography, birding, nature, etc. Sometimes I follow blogs with content outside of my interests because I've made a connection with that blogger on a personal level. Blogging is fun for the most part, though it can take a lot of time if you let it. I follow you because I love Colorado, your photos, and because you generally seem like a nice person! Have a great day!

Janey and Co. said...

I agree with Gail..Great Post. I have been reading along for awhile and was about to ask how in the world I can follow you? Now that you have given instructions..I will try and figure it out? I started blogging several yrs ago after searching out blogs on Paris . I was planning a vacation there. Then, I thought well, why not.. I do have some interesting things to post...since I like you, live in Colorado;., at least in the summer. I had a lot to post while in the mountains, but realized that I needed to keep it going, when I returned to Texas...which wasn't always easy. I just use a little point and shoot camera, so I guess I don't really qualify as a photography blog. Not sure what box to put me in? I too have made great friends, and have met two of them. I also stay away from politics ,religion or anything that could be controversial...So..if I can figure out how to follow I will. I like reading your book reviews. And maybe you can give me baking instructions? You are the only person I know that lives higher than me. 9,000 ft here...better known as Janey

Jim said...

Hi Barb. I went through very similar 'feelings/apprehension' when I first contemplated blogging. I wondered why anyone would be interested in what I had to say.
Yes it can leave one open to criticism and spam but i learned to control that the best I can and it seems to have worked.

Blogging was suggested to me by my husband, Ron, after I had a severe concussion and had difficulty focusing on words...especially spelling. It was the best rehabilitation I could have had. I keep blogging because I have come to care for the well-being of the people I follow. I really like the people I have met. And yes, I have tried to explain this to people who do not blog! They don't get it most of the time.

I didn't know which direction my blog would take. It is a lot calmer than I thought it would be. I think I have found my 'comfort zone' for now.

Meeting people like yourself, Barb, has been so rewarding to me. You are correct, just like pen-pals.....the ones I always wanted but never had.
Have a wonderful evening high up there in those mountains.

Olga said...


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a great post Barb. You described my feelings about blog friends and the instant gratification pen-pal aspect so beautifully! (I wish I'd said all that.) Of course, mine started out as a travel diary and to keep family/friends up on where we were, but it has evolved (as we have) into one that stays put more and celebrates everyday joys and beauty. In fact, I sort of consider the blog to be my 'happy place' so I almost never voice controversial opinions or mention any problems (people probably think I'm a mindless Pollyanna. Actually I have strong opinions, this just isn't where I choose to air them.)

As I think about your questions, I realize that most of the blogs I visit regularly have a strong sense of place. Where the writing and pictures celebrate where they live and how they live. So now I know a little bit about what it's like to live at very high altitude, to live on a farm, to live in countries I'll never be able to set foot in, to live in gigantic cities, to be a professional birder......) It's amazing to think about how much blogging has expanded my world!

I don't "follow" either -- never did understand it. I use Feedly ... all my favorites are there and I check it almost every day for new posts. I do link to memes (or sharing opportunities) and whenever someone new comments on my post I visit them back. I also try to visit a few new people on each meme, but I don't always have time to do that. Sometimes that first visit (whoever initiates it) is just a one-time thing, other times we "hit it off" and become regular visitors. Just like meeting new people in real life.

That was fun. Thanks for making me think!

forgetmenot said...

Blogging is a great way to connect with people and to see some fabulous photos and art work of a wide variety of things. I love your first blog post--the shoe is great! Always fun to scroll through you posts. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

Hildred said...

I have spent some time catching up on your March posts, Barb, and am fascinated with your gorgeous watercolours. Also your comments on blogging. I have found it difficult during the last year to find much inspiration, my head and heart are so full of memories. and I miss so much having someone to discuss things with.
However I am hoping the passage of time will improve that situation :)!!! In the meantime I find great enjoyment in visiting blogland, and love to see comments from blogging friends.......

Patti G said...

Welp - I started blogging in 2006. I was really into scrapbooking and was on several "boards" in that community via the internet. I started a "circle journal" project that led me to meet some ladies from all over the country - but a few were in California. In order for us to see the works of other's during our circle journal - some of us started blogs to post our pics and writings.
In 2008 I tried to redesign my blog & ended up deleting the entire 1st 2 years of blogging. Oops. But it didn't stop me, I kept on.
I love to journal & blogging is one form of that. Like you, I have made "friends" all over the world & enjoy reading & following along on their adventures.
My biggest draw to a blog is photography, as I have really honed in on my own photography skills. But the photographer also has to have "character" - you know, someone you feel like you've known all your life or really identify with?
You happen to be one of those "friends" - love reading about your family & adventures and your photography is always captivating. Here's to many more years of sharing!
I don't always comment either - but t is always one of my favorite parts of my day. Reading my favorite blogs!

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Nicely put, Barb! I've been blogging for 2 years, and blog strictly for fun. It's kind of like a creative outlet for me in a not so creative life. Somewhere along the way, I started forming friendships with other bloggers, and now that is the most important aspect of blogging for me. Although I haven't met any of my fellow bloggers in person, I do believe that the relationships exist. I truly care about, think about, and pray for my Bloggy friends. I follow all sorts of blogs - many for information only, and rarely leave comments on those. The blogs of my blog friends vary widely, I often don't remember what made me initially click on their blog, but it is the conversation that has me following.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I'm so glad to have found you in Blogland Barb! I do consider you one of my friends. I enjoy your photos of the Rocky Mountains and your love of nature. I think that's what I enjoy most about blogs but I do love some decorating too.

Carol Z said...

Great post. I started blogging in the winter of 2009. I'm not sure exactly why and I never thought I 'd still be blogging, but I'm hooked. I love to write, enjoy taking pictures and I especially love meeting people all over the world. I made a decision I wouldn't fight in the cyberworld and I stay away just about anything controversial. I enjoy the wide variety of blog friends and my life has been richly blessed. I've gotten to meet a number of my blog buddies and it's been great. I'm glad our paths crossed in BlogLand.

Granny Annie said...

You said it all very well. I do not follow or seek followers. At one time I did but stopped because I found myself putting too much importance into that and discontinued the connection nor do I click it on others. My first blog went from 2003 to 2005 and ended when I decided to start allowing comments. Actually I was shocked one day to receive a comment because I did not know that first blog was set to receive them and I mainly posted for myself as a journal. I copied that blog and then deleted it and started my current blog Fools Rush In on March 9, 2005. I have just passed my 9th anniversary of this blog. I believe that I found you through Jeanie of Living Consciously or you found me. Regardless I love the information and beauty on your blog. I have had blog friend come and go and have lost some of those friends through death. I will sometimes talk about a "friend" my family has not heard of and then they will say, "Oh one of those blog friends" like it is a lesser friend.

Janey and Co. said...

Hi Barb,

Me again. Thanks for the visit. You were very close.... not Creede...but little Lake City. We are very active with the Repertory Theater in Creede though.
I bet you have had a lot of Spring Breakers....and it should be very quiet after that. I will try and add your address to my list. I have been blogging for awhile, but still feel like a newbie. I taught myself, and it's difficult to teach myself something if I don't know how in the first place :).Hope to see you again, Janey

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I don't use the Followers gadget either, although I give people other ways to follow for their convenience. I blog because I have to write, I just do ... and because it's good to share. I do keep an eye on blog stats but only because it helps me to know which posts my readers enjoy most so I can offer more of the same. Like you I have made a lot of virtual friends. But too many lovely folk fall by the wayside after a year or two and are missed.

Great post!

sophie...^5 said...

Hi Barb ~~~ my foray into the blogosphere was hastened by Jim's good luck after I suggested he blog his feelings about concussions / family issues. He was getting a good response because he was able to communicate well. His manner of expression just draws you in, so I stepped out of my cocoon and tried to explore my dog's world view. It has been the best thing I have ever done, really. I had a terrible experience in university with writing expression so never ventured near the written word again until Jim's new trek started. Of course, having the camera helped and of course Sophie's sweet nature helped too. I have met so many people and dogs which have become my cyber-family which would only be made more exciting if I met them. Just imagine that! So missing some followers and gathering new ones helps me fine tune the blogs I'm most interested in, especially photo-editing and spectacular photos. I hope you get the gist of my words and thanks for including me and Sophie in your world..............CHEERS! Ron

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful post -- congratulations! I'm so very glad you went public and then stuck with it for I enjoy my visits. You are one of the people I could as a genuine blog friend -- the operative word being "friend." Like you, I have met many online voices who have become genuine friends and parts of my life, corresponding off blog and meeting at times. They are all over the world and I continually learn from them. I've never been disappointed with a face-to-face meeting; the bloggers I've encountered have been authentic on their blog.No surprises, just delights.

I visit all kinds of blogs. Some focus on a photo a day of Paris; some have a heavy French emphasis; some I read for their amazing writing, which both inspires and enlightens me. I visit others because they make me think, some that focus on art and others that are high on their design skills. Still others share their lives -- I "know" their grandchildren, their hobbies, what makes them angry and what makes them happy. Some take me to foreign places, some make me laugh. I have discovered them by recommendations of blog friends, by reading a comment that intrigues me and by replying to a comment from a new reader and discovering a new space.

The Marmelade Gypsy isn't confrontational or too opinionated; I steer away from the political or controversial issues for the most part. My posts run the gamut -- travel posts here and there, road trips, art, book reviews, profiles of those who inspire me, holiday fun and cheer. And of course, now and then a cat post -- Lizzie insists! My life is out there on my blog and when it has been joyful, people have been there with congratulations; when challenging, they are there with support. And I hope I give the same back to them, for I truly care about these men and mostly women, most of whom I would recognize only because of their photos. I try to comment whenever possible, and if I travel, I try to catch up as best I can when I return. It's a world I love -- in large part, Barb, because of people like you.

Linda W. said...

What a great post! I follow blogs for many reasons - some, because of a common interest, some because I like the writing, and some because they've followed me, so I follow them back. Thanks for the tip about the "add" feature on the dashboard. I'm really fed up with Google Friend connect right now, and may change to Bloglovin' or something else to keep up with the blogs I like to read.

Icy BC said...

Keep on posting, Barb! I love seeing your photos and reading this post I share many of your thoughts also.
I blog (at first) trying to generate some income and it worked out for a while. Now, I just blog, no more under pressure. What might come will come!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I started blogging because I just wanted people to hear what I had to say and see what I'm seeing. I read other blogs because I am interested in the stories of others. I'm attracted to others because of the uniqueness of their vision and openness in their heart. I think we have discovered the sunny nice part of the internet. I too miss many of the bloggers I followed who have just dropped out of sight. I fear for the ones who had health problems and are a little older and I hope that they are okay. Some people I've contacted who quit just say they ran out of things to say and don't like it any longer.

Anyways, I love your posts Barb, keep on, keeping on.

What I wonder is where blogging is going. What is blogging going to look like in 10 years. I can't hardly wait to see.

Duff said...

Thanks for this great post and discussion. I started blogging around the mindfulness challenge to see something new every day in January....that is where I "met" you and several others who I consider blog friends. The challenge for me is to be general enough that a wide range can enjoy or at least "get" what I need to say and appreciate or tolerate my photos. I have readers ranging from my 12 year old god daughter to a friend in her 90's who blogs every single day! Often, they will mention something in a phone conversation or in person that was about the blog...but, they do not feel compelled to mention it online. I sometimes feel that I know more about the interests and cares of my blog friends than I do about my actual, physical neighbors. It is a wonderful way to connect around the world. And, as a former Coloradan, I so love your adventures in the Rockies. Thanks again. Great to be your blog friend.

Retired English Teacher said...

I started blogging for somewhat unknown reasons. How vague is that? I think I was feeling vague about life itself when I began blogging. I had just retired. I wondered what I would do with my new found freedom. I wanted a format for writing that was organized. I didn't want to just write in my journal, or on scraps of paper, or in the margins of books. I guess I wanted to leave a record of what life was like for me. We had a family blog that was private. Only my children, my former husband, and I could read the blog and post on it. It was short lived because everyone got on facebook. I miss our family blog. It was priceless and kept us connected. Because of the family blog, I felt confident to start my own. My daughter helped me through the process. I never thought anyone would ever read it. Soon someone did. I was launched into something bigger than myself. I was connected to a life I had no idea was out there. When my daughter died, bloggers and blogging kept me connected with life itself.

From the beginning, I chose not to purposefully post anything too controversial. I decided not to be focused on writing about my faith. My faith is important, but I have not made it the focus of my blog. Certainly, it informs my point of view on life, but I don't see this forum as one where I will publish spiritual work.

I struggle about sharing health issues. I try not to focus on those either because I want to live beyond those physical things that can limit and that I can't control.

Blogging friends are my favorite people. I know them better than I know any of my neighbors and find them infinitely more interesting. You are my inspiration. Please don't ever stop blogging, writing, taking those beautiful photographs, and giving us a view of your world.

eileeninmd said...

Thanks for the post and for sharing your thoughts.. I have wonderful blogging friends, I enjoy reading their post and seeing their photos..Blogging is like virtually traveling the world.. I started to blog because I wanted to share the wonderful nature scenes I was seeing..I appreciate your visits and comments. I am looking forward to seeing many more post from you too! Have a great evening and a happy Sunday!

stardust said...

Hello, Barb! First of all I’d like to say one of the fortunes of my blogging is to have encountered with you via Tomoko. You are one of my old blog friends (of course “old” in blog history, not age-wise) and I’ve been encouraged by you a lot. (I miss Wanda and Delwyn.) I like your way that even complicated emotional issues are expressed with poetic photography and simple wording and also your attitude to try and challenge new things. I think all these photos show all about you: imaginative, playful, thoughtful, creative, affectionate, nature loving, family-oriented, and .... what else?

As for myself, setting up my own blog was not my intention but assignment of the online English writing course offered by the local university. After the course was over, I continued with a few of photos taken with my digital compact camera but after my children presented me (on my request) a mirror-less lens-interchangeable camera on my 60th birthday, I soon got engrossed in photography, found a camera as a nice company to my solitary walk and also found a joy of expressing myself in photographing. In the past three years, I added two lenses to my collection. Through interaction with people from various different countries, I’ve been assured how many we share as a human being, despite different cultural background. Why I keep blogging is I’d like to share the places and things of Japan I love with the world and hopefully I’d like to dispel some myths about Japan from the view point of an ordinary woman. As one part of nature, I associate my everyday life including pleasures, pains, difficulties, and my family with the changing manifestation of nature. I’m happy, Barb, you’ve been so responsive and added more insight to my posts, which is really appreciated.


Deb Shucka said...

What a lovely reflective piece. Another blogger friend (D'Jan) wrote something similar today. Must be the spring air. Your blog is one of my favorites because of your incredible photos and because I always feel a bit lighter and happier to be alive after I come here.

susanvg said...

What a wonderful piece. I certainly count you among my blogging friends - one I admire for your beautiful photography, reflective writing and positive spirit. I started blogging because I started taking pictures. Many educators were taking part in a "picture a day" 365. I thought that as an educator, I should also write. I thought I would do this for one year (2009). While I no longer try for posting every day, I do post every few days. I have learned that I love to take photographs - I have a new way of seeing with my camera. I have tried a variety of writing from prose to poetry to editorializing on things that matter to me. And I have learned that connections made this way are important. Those who read my blog on a regular basis know a lot about me (though not usually the day to day trivialities). Some may even know me more that my f2f friends. Stopping by your blog on a regular basis always gives me a lift - the beauty of your surroundings, your family and your words are a treasure.

KB Bear said...

You and I started blogging at almost the same time. I have similar feelings about it as you do. Most of all, I love the connections to my friends all over the world. I email regularly with some of them, and I love reading their blogs. I decide which blogs to follow in a similar way as you do, although the sense of whether I like the person probably overwhelms the other factors. I also really appreciate good photography and wisdom. Your blog has all of those things so I've been reading for years and years!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I began my blog at the end 2007 on a whim that I would use it to keep track of websites I wanted to remember to re-visit again. I thought it would be more descriptive than just dropping a bookmark into my browser's files. That is how I came up with the funny name for my blog, which I've regretted many times since ;) I thought no one would visit my blog and leave a comment because of that funny name, but they did, and I discovered many other blogs! Slowly I began to blog about places I visited in NYC and the world, and snippets from my daily life. My photography skills slowly improved and I enjoyed learning about the lives of people worldwide. Now my life has changed, and although I have less time to blog I could never give it up! I love living in Colorado and taking care of a young grandchild almost full time during the week. It was invigorating for my husband and myself to go through so many changes and I feel like I'd like to share that with my readers. I sadly lost some long time readers when I moved from NYC to Colorado, as I guess the lure of living in a big city was exciting for them to read about. That's OK -- I don't worry about followers-- I'm happy now to share all I discover about this beautiful state. Researching for my my posts increases my knowledge and appreciation for all I see and do.

The first time I saw you blog a few years ago I was in awe, Barb. Your photography and sidebar quotes spoke to me. I did not know back then that I would someday live in Colorado, but I did have that dream. I'm so glad it became a reality!

Maria said...

I love this post because it really captures what I love about blogging. I have found a community of wonderful people with common interests. I have been pretty blessed that I have made some wonderful real life friendships that started through blogging.

Maria @ The Good Life

Friko said...

A, blogging.
We started at roughly the same time, you and I although it took a while longer to find each other.
Recently I’ve been thinking of giving up. But I probably won’t. Or perhaps I’ll just have a break.

I have found that most of the bloggers I knew at the beginning have moved on, out or given up.
I would like a change myself; I find that my posts have become bland and I’d rather write something that stirs the pot a bit.
But, and this is a big but, I seem to have become addicted. And it’s true, I have ‘met’ a lot of people from all over the world which I would otherwise not have known.

Nina said...

Hi Barb, I enjoyed greatly reading your post on blogging - I could relate to so many things ... I started also my blog to keep intouch with friends / relatives abroad, and "going online" / public was a big decision - which I haven't regretted. I have learned so much about photography, creative things, about nature, about people, life & living following other blogs and befriending. As you, I miss a blog-friend who shas had a break from blogging for a year soon ... As you write, It may be difficult to understand for a "non-blogger" :-) It is a form for diary ... connecting ... sometimes posting often, other times less often - yet I have notices a form for regularity about the posts has formed lately. Thank you for making us aware of the great things, blogging has brought along!
PS: I enjoyed the pictures from your blogging journey!

Catherine Goron said...

Been thinking about blogging a lot lately Barb... love your reflections on it and seeing your journey from year 1 to present day. I started blogging about two years ago because I needed an outlet for the constant bubbling nagging creative energy inside. I also thought it was time once and for all to share how I feel more than what I DO every day. And also to find my voice (which I still struggle to find at times and seems to be easier for me to do through images)... what I've loved throughout this process is finding like-minded individuals and so many kind, talented, interesting people - like you :)

Tomoko said...

Dear Barb,
I had never expected that I would start blogging when I took Marc's short-term English class at a local university. I did not even know there were such many blog websites in the world at that time. I started reading foreign blogs after Marc’s online six month course was over, and then I began to wonder if my hobby, English language could be a communication tool through blogging. However, yours and other many beautiful blogs inspired me to start my blog. Fortunately I think I am quite a brave woman and a challenger. I had been only enjoying easy English conversation at small private schools until then since our sons grew up.

I like to read to my dashboard too, so I don't use the followers gadget on my blog.
I have not enough time to keep it a habit to write in my blog now. I do not know how my blog style will be evolving in the future. However, when I think of my daily life about 5 or 10 years from now, I imagine that blogging can be a more exciting hobby. I love nature. I love big cities and I love people and travel. I hope that I will have a supple mind and live an active life, and that I can enjoy sharing many ideas, photos with many people in the world.
How wonderful it is!
Thank you for your friendship,Barb!

Janie said...

My daughter and I started blogging at the same time as sort of a challenge to each other. I continued because of the wonderful of the wonderful fellow bloggers I met along the way. After almost 7 years, I still enjoy my online friends (such as you!) very much, even if I don't find the time to post as often as I used to.

gina said...

Great topic for discussion! I started a blog for my classroom in 2006, and then decided to start my own blog a few years later. Like you, I started small and did it mostly just for myself. Then I joined a few groups and "met" people online.....some of them I consider real friends, even though we've never met in person. I have learned a lot from other bloggers who are photographers, both technical and life skills. It's wonderful! I don't "follow" people either. There are so many talented and creative bloggers who inspire and influence me, but I have to limit myself or I would spend too much time on the computer. :)

Tammie Lee said...

oh gosh, i lost a long message to you. i will try again.
I so enjoyed this post, your thoughts and reasons for blogging. So enjoyed your first blog image as well as the others.
i agree, those who do not blog can only guess at the gifts and friendships that occur. if i were to meet you, i would want to hug you and feel that i know you some.... more than some people i run into in my town every week. It is a wonderful gift to my life and i thank you for being my blog friend.

Margie said...

Have fun with those wonderful grandchildren on spring break.
Great shots
My hubby and I went cross-country skiing at Frisco on Thursday and it was heavenly.
Take care, Barb.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Love the shots of your sweet grandchildren.

I started blogging because I wanted to meet other people with the same interests and I had no idea of how many wonderful people there were out there! I love coming here to see what you're up to, miss you when you take a break and feel like we're truly friends. It's nice to know someone else chooses to live at the top/end of the world!!

Enjoy your little guys. I'm going to see mine next weekend...

Annie said...

An interesting post your posts always are!
Interesting t hear you don't "follow" blogs, I thought I might be the only person who does that.
I just bookmark interesting blogs I come across, under some general categories, and go back again now and again to catch up.
So it is good to come back here now and again to see how you are getting on, and enjoy your photography
and philosophy!
Have a great break with the grandchildren..that's what I am doing too!

Arti said...

Wow! That reflects so much about blogging, Barb. And it feels so good to read this post by you, it echoes so many of the sentiments we have in common, as bloggers and as people who appreciate the good things in life. Thank you for writing this, taking us along and helping us look back at our journey too. I am so glad you have continued to keep blogging, I have been very fortunate to have interacted with bloggers like you, I have learnt so much not only from your posts but through your comments as well. Your motivation has meant a lot to me and I have always cherished them very close to my heart.

This blogging life, for me, just happened... but all that has been for me has been a treasure, meeting blogger friends from all around the world, sharing the warmth and smiles, opening our perspectives.. I can't say if I will be blogging for life yet all those moments that have touched me at some level till now will be there with me for life and that keeps me going further. Thank you for being around in this blogging world Barb, I truly have been very blessed, it's friends like you who make this world a lot more beautiful to people like me.