LIfe at High Altitude in Colorado

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Give Thanks for Mothers

in every life:
joy and sorrow
health and illness
connection and separation
ease and frustration

canal, Scottsdale, AZ

 for each of us (hopefully) - a mother (or mother-substitute)
whose guidance and love
is/was a constant

inside of glass sculpture, looking toward sky, Scottsdale, AZ

 in the US, on Sunday, May 11
we give thanks for mothers

prickly pear cactus, Rio Verde, AZ

I'm blessed:
the strong women who mothered me
helped me navigate life's changing tumult,
teaching me to live in wonder, expecting the best
yet showing me by example how to weather the worst

palo verde, AZ state tree, Scottsdale

 I praise and send gratitude to the mothers of my grandchildren
I celebrate the sacrifice, compassion, and hard work of mothers
I give thanks for Mother Love

looking toward Granite Mt, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, AZ

Happy Mothers Day!

(all photos taken on my recent trip to AZ)


  1. My mother has been gone for fifty-seven years, but she will always inspire me with her courage and caring and the love she gave so lavishly. Beautiful photos, Barb - I like your header, too.

  2. A lovely tribute to Mothers Barb - it will be Mothering Sunday here as well and is greatly recognised and celebrated.
    The flowers of the Prickly Pear are exquisite.

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Barb.
    I am so thankful for my mom and think of her every day, she died in 1998 and is my most inspiring person in my life.
    Thanks for this beautiful post.

  4. Though I had her for only 18 years I am very grateful for the legacy my mother left to me with her love and her example.
    I am also grateful every day for the wonderful mothers all my grandchildren have.
    It was great to see some pictures from you Arizona trip.

  5. Your deep thoughts about mothers have led me to stop and reflect for a minute. I've always felt how important my mother is to me; now I need to feel it more about myself - how important I am to my children. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

    Your photos are beautiful! I love the first one. Your eye/camera was positioned perfectly.

  6. Beautiful images and such a wonderful tribute to mothers! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  7. Happy mother's day, dear Barb,
    We have a beautiful day here and a mother's day. I called to my mother thinking " Thanks for being such a good mom".
    Those cactus flowers are pretty. I like to see them taken from up!

  8. Down here Mothers' Day also Sunday 11th May. My Mum left on 10th January 1981, she was gentle, a talented tailoress, played the piano so well, a registered Mental Health Nurse ( Psychiatric Nurse these days), in the final exams, she had the second top marks in New Zealand, and was Deputy Matron at Kingseat Hospital; before she married Eric. Each time we move, or I do some new sewing or quilting, or get a new sewing machine, those are the days I miss her so much, and want to share the news with her.Lovely words Barb, heartfelt and sincere with love and more. And more photos from the other State, so warm there by the looks of those flowers. Thinking of you all in the North, Hugs, Jean.

  9. Such a lovely piece on mothers and mothering, Barb. I love the photo of inside a glass sculpture! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  10. You created a beautiful tribute to mothers. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Happy Mothers Day. We have it here too.

  12. This is a beautiful poem/reflection -- and you nailed it perfectly. The photos only serve to emphasize the beauty and diversity of mothers. Beautiful, strong, multifaceted, colorful and yes, even a bit tumbleweedy! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  13. Stunning photos Barb. So many times I am reminded of my Mom and all the wonderius things she left behind in my memories. Happy Mothers Day to you.

  14. A beautiful tribute to mothers. A Happy Mother's Day to you - a wonderful example of the strength we all possess.

  15. Happy Mother's day Barb.Wonderful tribute.
    I was lucky to have two mothers. One for my first 16 years who gave me the best of her and my step mom who became a dear friend. They are both gone but not forgotten.

  16. You took some wonderful pictures in Arizona and of the desert! I just strolled through you previous post. What a nice tribute to your mother. Mine passed away just a few days after Mother's Day last year.
    Thanks for your nice comment and Happy Belated Birthday to you! Happy Mother's Day too!

  17. Well said. Your words ring true. I am sure a very strong woman raised you and help you find and express your voice. I am also so grateful for those who mother my grandchildren: my daughters and my daughters-in-law.

  18. How beautiful, Barb! Sounds like we were both abundantly blessed with fine mothers. Cheers!

  19. Happy Mother's Day, Barb. Lovely, interesting photographs!

  20. Happy Birthday Barb.
    It is always such a joy to catch up here with you.
    Love the way you can express your words.
    And of course your stunning photography/
    Your post on slowing down was great.
    I do hope you had a rather wonderful Mother's Day, as did I.

  21. I've been thinking a lot about my Mom today, she died three years ago. I am so happy to see her love of children and flowers passed on to her granddaughters, who are mothers now too. That canal is lovely and those prickly pear flowers so pretty. Hope you had a great day!

  22. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Barb! Always love your reflective posts full of wonder and gratitude...

  23. Hi Barb~
    Was just thinking about you, so I thought I'd come on over & say hi.
    Happy Belated Mom's Day to you & a Happy Belated Birthday as well! Oh gosh, Just read your post on blogging & feel a bit badly that I have not been by to say hi more often, but I do think of you & always hope you are well. I keep thinking I'll get a blog post together... then I just don't! I've been doing the same... work, clay, work! The semester ends this week & hopefully will get up to the mountains soon! Best wishes for a happy Spring... though you're probably getting snowed in right about now :)

  24. Hi Barb! This is a wonderful tribute to your Mother, and all Mothers. I was happy to live close to my Mother most of my life till she passed away a couple years ago.I have so many good memories of her now. It made me realize I wanted to live closer to my children and grandchildren soI could be more a part of their lives.

  25. What a wonderful post! Lovely words and great photos.

  26. Wonderful captures! I hope you had a lovely mother's day. :)

  27. Another beautiful post, Barb. I appreciate every word & thought!
    This is a wonderful tribute to mothers and substitute-mothers. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

  28. Being a mother is a hard job.


  29. Happy Mother's Day to you also Barb! Lovely shots...

  30. such a very lovely tribute Barb!
    thoughts, feelings and images.
    Happy belated to you and yours!

  31. Amen to that, Mothers are the ones who make the world go round.

  32. This is lovely, Barb. You were blessed indeed.
    Wonderful photos from your trip too.

  33. A wonderful and very special post Barb. And a belated Mother's Day :)

  34. Fantastic read Barb...and super wonderful photos...I too love AZ. The landscape is like no other anywhere.

    Yep, some friends of mine living in Fort Collins was telling me over the phone about the May snow storm...something like 18"...whoa. And then on top of that, record breaking low temps. Good ol' Colorado.

    Hope you had a great time in the Sonoran Desert.

  35. What a beautiful Mothers Day post. I love that second photo.

  36. Lovely Barb ~~~~ all encompassing Mother Love ~~ makes me feel so good inside!!

  37. Beautiful meditation honoring all the mothers in your life and all mother everywhere! I'm late reading, but any day could (and should) be Mother's Day!

    We are back in Oregon. Flew -- missed Colorado. Sad about that, but we will make up for it next time.

  38. Dear Barb - We gave thanks for mothers on May 11, too, in Japan. Inspired by your last year’s post on Mother’s day, I also thanked my daughter and daughter-in-law for all the affection and works to raise my grandchildren. As you know my siblings and I are taking care of our mother at home. I’m thankful that we could thank her in person this year. Her anxiety for breathlessness is under control by medication but the side effect of some medicine made her unable to speak clearly and her limbs have gotten listless, but we (including my mom) are hanging in there as a team, accepting grudgingly and thanking for each other with smiles.


  39. A lovely tribute to the mothers in your life- Have a great weekend!


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